Complex telecoms billing, made simple

Built for experienced resellers through to well-established carrier-grade service providers looking for a fully converged billing platform, Enterprise gives you the confidence of knowing that complex services and call records are billed accurately and quickly. Bill runs are easy to reconcile and our flexible APIs enable you to integrate Billing into your existing reporting structures with ease.

I want to easily manage complex billing

Powerful, flexible and scalable

Enterprise offers an array of functions that ensure accurate billing of complex products and services which removes the need of any re-keying of information. The improved operational efficiency and elimination of human error achieved increases average revenue recovery by 10%.

Custom Bundles

Create bespoke selling packages including bundles with NGN minutes, roaming data and international calls.


Billing management reporting suite and dashboard to ensure you stay on top of profitable billing operations.


Extensive industry compliant modules including Mobile Bill Limits and Auto-Switch.

Bill multiple products

Fully converged billing across a range of complex product areas including fixed line, mobile, data products, cloud services and utilities.

CDR readers

Supports a large list of network service providers.

End user portal

Branded portal for your end user customers, allowing them to view billing information and self-serve.

Enterprise has the ability to apply sophisticated billing logic to products and services, and break down the bill usage simply and accurately to provide complete transparency to both the reseller and end user.

Enterprise also has extensive provisioning integration capabilities with some of the largest carriers including Openreach (WLR),mobile integration with Vodafone, O2, Transatel and Telenor plus a range of CPS providers — so we’ve got you covered.

Enterprise has the capability to provide joined-up services across a range of product areas including fixed line, mobile, data products, cloud services and utilities, enabling resellers to get up and running quickly — however complex their service offering.

A range of sophisticated and configurable rating and tariff options ensure that Enterprise can be tuned to support your current pricing model. The system also supports the mediation and billing of switch-based data as well as the inherent complexity of mobile billing and reconciling call data records.

Enterprise as well as the complete Affinity Platform is supported by our dedicated support team providing technical support for any system queries or issues. Built up of industry experts and software engineers, our support team are here for you to always answer your query in a timely manner.

Optimise your entire reseller business and lead to cash process through one platform

Affinity Sales, Orders, Billing, Support, Hub and Insight are powerful products on their own, but they are stronger together.

Identify and understand trends and turn them into opportunities for up and cross sell. Turn your data into your biggest weapon.

Empower resellers, partners and customers to self serve with 24/7 portals, apps and API’s saving time and money without compromising service.

Deliver customer satisfaction by closing more tickets in less time using integrated knowledge bases, automated triaging, self-service diagnostics and AI.

Price, quote and contract deals in minutes, increasing revenue, efficiency and providing a seamless handover to your operations team.

Automated supplier provisioning and real time view of all orders for realistic forecasting and order management, creating efficiency and savings.

Powerful, flexible and scalable billing engine designed to give your billing team peace of mind that all bill runs are quick and accurate.

Use the Affinity Platform to power your business, so you can focus on growing it.

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