Mobile Billing

Mobile billing is a complex task. Bundles, parent and child hierarchy and other groupings provide unique complexities and can often lead to inaccurate billing details. Aurora’s research shows that less than 10% of users are on the correct size data bundle.

On average our customers can increase their revenue by 10% and margin by 40% when moving to Affinity Billing and the breath of functional capability of Affinity means that resellers can also reduce business costs by up to 60%.

Affinity has a suite of mobile centric tools developed to help resellers run their operations smoothly and boasts full mobile self care functionality when used in conjunction with Digital Wholesale Solution’s mobile proposition.

I want easier mobile billing

We make mobile billing simple

End-user portal

24/7 mobile self-care web portal.

Bespoke bundles

Create bespoke selling packages including bundles of NGN minutes, roamed data and International calls.


Extensive industry compliant modules including Mobile Bill Limits, Auto-Switch and end-of-contract notifications.


Buy at X and sell at Y.

End to end solution
  • The only platform in the market that supports resellers from start up through to carrier level.
  • Manage your entire mobile reseller operation with a single software suite.
  • Extensive report suite to maximise margins.
  • Automatic barring functionality.
  • Mobile Bill Limit and Auto-Switch Compliant.
  • Maximise the margin opportunity in wholesale mobile.
  • Create standard selling tariffs and out of bundle rate cards.
  • Flexible tariff options.
Mobile customer self-serve
  • Powerful customer Mobile WebPortal.
  • Range of alerts available to minimise end customer bill shock including Auto-bar capabilities.
  • Differentiates your business proposition.

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Optimise your entire reseller business and lead to cash process through one platform

Affinity Sales, Orders, Billing, Support, Hub and Insight are powerful products on their own, but they are stronger together.

Identify and understand trends and turn them into opportunities for up and cross sell. Turn your data into your biggest weapon.

Empower resellers, partners and customers to self serve with 24/7 portals, apps and API’s saving time and money without compromising service.

Deliver customer satisfaction by closing more tickets in less time using integrated knowledge bases, automated triaging, self-service diagnostics and AI.

Price, quote and contract deals in minutes, increasing revenue, efficiency and providing a seamless handover to your operations team.

Automated supplier provisioning and real time view of all orders for realistic forecasting and order management, creating efficiency and savings.

Powerful, flexible and scalable billing engine designed to give your billing team peace of mind that all bill runs are quick and accurate.

Use the Affinity Platform to power your business, so you can focus on growing it.

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