Your on the go mobile management app to keep on top of your usage and bills.

Information at your Fingertips

There’s no need to contact your supplier for simple contract management requests.
Get instant answers from your Hub Mobile app.

See Unbilled Charges

Monitor your current spend for no surprises at the end of each month

View Previous Mobile Bills

Easy access to your last 3 bills whenever you need them

Full Itemised Breakdown

See a detailed list of your calls, texts and data to see exactly what you’re being charged for

Addtional Features for Admins

All Data At Once

View itemised usage for all mobile numbers

Manage Usage

Set bars for users to avoid unwanted charges

User Management

Invite users, enable or disable them and set user role types

Filter Data

Use filters to only show the data you need to see

Using the Hub Mobile App

Depending on your user role type, the Home tab will display all current unbilled mobile charges for the month. Use the Detailed View toggle to hide or show more information.

The Billing tab will show the current unbilled usage total, along with your previous 3 bills. To access bills older than 3 months, you’ll need to contact your service provider. Selecting a bill will show your itemised spend, including UK/EU, Roamed and International Calls, Data and Texts and Other costs such as premium phone lines. Filter by users to see only their itemised spend. 

To set Bars, select a user and choose the Bars tab. Select from the options you wish to change using the toggles. You will receive a notification when the bar has been set. 

The main menu in the top right corner is where you can find more useful features, such as contacting your service provider.