In October, Ofcom issued a Final Statement relating to new rules they are imposing to cap the wholesale cost of calling 070 numbers. 070 numbers are often mistaken for mobile numbers, but cost much more to call.

From 1st October 2019, the cost of calling 070 numbers will be aligned with the existing cap set by Ofcom for calls to mobile numbers – currently around 0.5 pence per minute.

You can read more about the regulation here 

What is Aurora doing?

For our Bureau Billing Customers, where Aurora manages the dial code allocations, we will make the following changes:

Outbound 070 Calls
•    Add a new Outbound Tariff Group for PN99
•    We’ll move all of the 070 dial codes into the new PN99 group

Inbound 070 Calls
•    Add a new Inbound Tariff Group for PN99
•    We’ll move all of the 070 dial codes into the new PN99 group

These changes cannot be made until the invoices for the September billing period are archived but they will be backdated to 1st October 2019.

It is the responsibility of our Bureau Customers to manage the price points for the new Tariff Groups themselves, and as a minimum, a price point must be added into the Standard Tariff.  Your Billing Bureau Administrator will advise you when the new Tariff Groups are available for you to apply your pricing.

Note that any late landing 070 calls from prior to 1st October will be rated under the new PN99 Tariff Groups.

If you are an Aurora Billing Rental Customer and manage dial code allocations and pricing, you will need to make these changes.

If you’d like to know what the options are for Aurora to help with these billing changes, and what the associated costs would be, please contact your Affinity Service Relationship Manager with your requirements.

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